7 Amazing (And Equally Better) Alternatives To Apple’s New MacBook

7 Amazing (And Equally Better) Alternatives To Apple’s New MacBook


Apple has unveiled its brand-new MacBook, its thinnest MacBook ever and named just MacBook rather than MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

“Every component of the MacBook reveals a new innovation. From its fanless design, ultra-thin Retina display and full-size keyboard that’s 34 percent thinner, to its all-new Force Touch trackpad, versatile USB-C port and breakthrough terraced battery design, the new MacBook is the future of the notebook.” says Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing.

If you are not ready for the new Macbook yet, the following Laptops will still deliver that sleek ultrabook form factor you’re craving, decent to marathon battery life, more features, stronger performance, and do it for less money. These seven Macbook alternatives have recorded some of the best laptop reviews on CNETBusiness Insider and Forbes.

1. Lenovo Yoga Pro 3

Lenovo Yoga Pro 3

2. Microsoft Surface Pro 3

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

3.Dell XPS 13

Dell XPS 13

4. Toshiba’s Chromebook 2

Toshiba's Chromebook 2

5. Dell’s Inspiron 17 5000

Dell's Inspiron 17 5000

6. Yep, the MacBook Air is still a good option

Apple MacBook Air

7. ASUS ZenBook UX305

ASUS ZenBook UX305