Haystack Promises To Build Your Digital Business Card In Under 30 Seconds

Haystack Promises To Build Your Digital Business Card In Under 30 Seconds


Business card upgrade is long overdue. but it doesn’t look like your paper business card will be reinvented in the next few years. Google and linkedIn have tried to disrupt business cards with no success. So why can’t we just give up business cards and embrace the all new digital business cards?

“There are lots of ways to get into people’s contact lists, but business cards are still a mainstay in the professional world. They’re cheap, simple, and efficient at delivering all the information you need to hand off.” says Patrick Allan of LifeHacker.

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Whilst a lot of companies have tried to disrupt paper business cards in the past, Haystack promises to do better this time.

Ran Heimann (founder) says he was motivated to try his hand at creating an app to displace the business card after spending years working as a consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where he and his colleagues were heavy users of business cards.

Haystack lets you build your own digital card just by entering in your email. The app then “auto-brands” your card for you using the logo it finds online and you can enter in the details you want to share, including also your accounts on various social networks.

Haystack is business cards, without the paper. You can create your fully branded business card in 30 seconds. And you can share it with anyone you meet via email or text. If you still believe in paper, just snap a photo of your business card and Haystack will put the details where they should be – on your phone.

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Haystack cards keep everything up-to-date. When your contacts get a promotion, change jobs, or offices, so do their contact details on your phone.

Haystack is a free download for both iOS and Android.