This is a 3D Printed Bentley (And It’s Amazing)

This is a 3D Printed Bentley (And It’s Amazing)


Bentley surprised the crowds at the 2015 Geneva Auto Show with the unveiling of the EXP 10 Speed 6 two seater sports car concept.

Using patented PolyJet technology, Stratasys 3D Printers enable the design studio team to easily and quickly produce small-scale models, as well as full-size parts, for assessment and testing prior to production on the assembly line. Virtually every part is prototyped in miniature, right down to the crystal decanter.

“Stratasys’ rapid prototyping systems have allowed us to develop things in a totally new way. With this technology, we can simulate exactly how the car will look.” — Kevin Baker, Bentley Motors

The-3D-Printed-Bentley5 The-3D-Printed-Bentley8 The-3D-Printed-Bentley2 The-3D-Printed-Bentley6 The-3D-Printed-Bentley4 The-3D-Printed-Bentley11 The-3D-Printed-Bentley12 The-3D-Printed-Bentley10 The-3D-Printed-Bentley9 The-3D-Printed-Bentley1

Image courtesy fubiz.