Take a Look Inside LinkedIn’s Office

Take a Look Inside LinkedIn’s Office


LinkedIn is the largest professional social network. They recently moved into a new, vibrant office in Sunnyvale, California. The amazing new office was designed by AP+I Design.

“This new office space was designed to encourage productivity and open communication, with a sense of community between employees and teams.

It is a vibrant space with design emphasis on natural materials. Wood flooring designates the main circulation paths and a sophisticated yet playful atmosphere runs throughout the space”, said AP+I Design.

linkedin-sunnyvale-office-2 linkedin-sunnyvale-office-20 linkedin-sunnyvale-office-15 linkedin-sunnyvale-office-5 linkedin-sunnyvale-office-8 linkedin-sunnyvale-office-13 linkedin-sunnyvale-office-1 linkedin-sunnyvale-office-4 linkedin-sunnyvale-office-6

Images courtesy Officelovin.