Amazing Designs of The World’s 1st 3D Printed Office (to be Built...

Amazing Designs of The World’s 1st 3D Printed Office (to be Built In Dubai)


Dubai is home to some of the world’s tallest buildings. And the city is set to add the world’s first 3D-printed office building to its streets.

Dubai’s one-storey prototype building, with about 2,000 square feet of floor space, will be printed layer-by-layer using a 20-foot tall printer, Mohamed Al Gergawi, the United Arab Emirates Minister of Cabinet Affairs revealed. It will then be assembled on site within a few weeks.

3D Printed Office

3D Printed Office3

The 3D Printed Office will serve as a temporary headquarters for staff of the nearby “Museum of the Future” that launched earlier this year. It will feature a flexible open plan to accommodate a range of uses and team sizes. It will also house a small digital fabrication facility and 3D printing exhibition space, with all interior furniture, detailing and structural components to be produced using 3D printing technology.

3D Printed Office4

3D Printed Office1

The project is the Museum’s first major initiative and part of a partnership between Dubai and WinSun Global, which is a joint venture between Chinese 3D printing technology company WinSun and international investors. WinSun is also the company responsible for constructing 10 small houses in one day last year using a 22-ft (6.6-m) tall 3D printer. The Museum claims the office building will be the most advanced 3D-printed structure ever built, and the first to be put to actual use.