This is The World’s First 3D Printed Electric Violin (And it Sounds...

This is The World’s First 3D Printed Electric Violin (And it Sounds Pretty Spectacular)


French company 3Dvarius has designed a fully playable electric violin using the most advanced 3D printing technology and based on the traditional stradivarius.

Designed with the help of violinist and music artist Laurent Bernadac, the 3Dvarius is a fully playable electric violin designed to emulate the acoustic qualities of the Stradivarius.

3D printed violin1

3Dvarius used stereolithography – a technology that produces models one layer at a time by curing photo reactive resin with a ultraviolet lasers.

The 3D-printed violin was engineered to not only feel great in a musician’s hands, but also to properly resonate while being played.

3D printed violin2

It’s still not entirely 3-D printed, though. The design requires both standard violin strings and a wooden bridge to work. But the body itself is totally artificial, and opens up the possibility in the future of printing off 3-D reproductions of designer violin bodies, stringing them up, and performing on them, without ever hitting the music shop.

3D printed violin3

The 3Dvarius is only a prototype. And until its creators finish fine tuning the spec, the 3Dvarius will remain a prototype. 3Dvarius went through multiple prototypes before the optimal design that could both withstand the extreme rigors of a violin performance and still be printed out from a CAD file a dollop of polymer at a time.

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